2.4 Clash Royale Elixir Cycle Deck No chance Stopped! New Meta 2019

Hello Guys, today we have a great ultra fast deck. We will be fast strong and aggressive against our enemies.
I have here for you a great clash royale deck which only uses 2.4 elixir.Let’s see what this deck looks like.

Deck Build :

  1. Skeletons
  2. Bats
  3. Ice Golem
  4. Dart Goblin
  5. Bomb Tower
  6. Wall Breakers
  7. The Log
  8. Miner
Cycle Deck No chance Stopped! New Meta 2019

Deck potential is good.

Offensive potential Mediocre.

Deck versatility Mediocre.

Deck synergy Good.


  1. Anti-Air = Bats + Ice Golem + Dart Goblin. This combo
    Effective against air.
  2. Investments Buildings or units that can be played in the back to invest elixir and force the opponent to make the first move = Ice golem.
  3. Defensive buildings in your deck. Having one helps a lot in defense = Bomb Tower.


  1. Win conditions Cards that are good at taking enemy towers. Good to have at least one = Miner!
  2. Punishments Cards that can be played as a immediate response for the opponent playing high-cost unit in the back = Miner
  3. Damage spells Spells in your deck. Having at least one or two is recommended = The Log
  4. Pump responses Cards that can be played as a response to opponent playing an Elixir collector = Miner !
  5. Dropped at the bridge Cards that can be dropped at the bridge, either as a chip damage or as a rush attack = Dart Goblin + Wall Breakers
  6. Tornado King activation – careful! Cards that can be pulled to the King tower with Tornado to activate him = Ice Golem and Miner.

Check Clash Royal Api this Fast cycle deck

Clash Royale 2.4 Fast cycle deck. Op Meta lets go play.

Check Video ClashWithShane in YouTube.

Fast Deck Fast Win? Clash Royale whi ClashWithShane

Okay guys. Let’s go test this insane clash royale deck.