3 Triple Elixir Decks

Double elixir is like an ordinary game, you can fundamentally play any great 1v1 deck. The main contrast is that you’ll have the option to play all the more forcefully from the earliest starting point.

Most expensive decks 4 elixir plus decks work

You’ll have a LOT of elixir. It is great to utilize a deck that is increasingly costly, so you can overpower your rival. You may even lose a tower or two, at that point win with a 3-crown.

In this challenge, control decks that require a great deal of expertise don’t work that well. During triple elixir, it’s difficult to safeguard the monstrous pushes.

Go for a second Tower

During two or triple elixir, it is extremely difficult to guard the lower-hp tower. You can be spell-cycled all the more effectively, the adversary has more elixir to fabricate bigger pushes. The best safeguard is offense!

Electric Wizard Best Cards. He stop Ballon, Kill Bats, Stuns units and reset sparky

+ Best Combo – Clash Royale Decks

Ewizard has great synergy with Mega Knight or P.E.K.K.A.

Mainstream modest cycle cards and incredible help for your tank or Miner pushes. Utilizing them enables you to cycle back to your enormous units quicker.


Let’s check first Clash Royale Deck 3.8 Elixir Freeze Skeleton Clone Deck

3.8 Elixir Freeze Giant Skeleton Clone Deck

Next Clash Royale 3x elixir Deck is 4. elixir Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck

Pekka Graveyard 4 elixir Deck
3x elixir challenge how to play fast elixir decks for Clash Royale