4.1 Elixir Clash Royale Giant Skeleton special deck

Hey guys back to the clash royale decks and today frolic experience some
Fun with giant skeleton graveyard freeze that 4.1 elixiri the average electrical deck.
This deck really does not make sense very defensive deck is Giant Skeleton
Natural defensive, you also healthy in the furnace there’s a bit of poison bait baby dragon Barbarian Barrel for Splash Damage freeze spell to go to the cemetery that overall it’s very defensive deck.
Witch is not really good at the bottom defend the whole game waiting
that one will go in and win the opening in one impetus but also really
kind of fun and a bit off the deck meta to try at this time so my meta
Figured let you know what we have Nice to today playing around mess
around and see how we can do with this 4.1 elixir deck was quite heavy enough weight 4.1 elixir but honestly giant could frame
Quite nasty if played right now I did not have my furnace at the beginning of my hand here rather unfortunate see because it was reasonably safe opening go depending on what your opponent has.

Okay guys, lets check a card in this clash royale deck.

4.1 elixir Giant Skeleton Deck


Defensive potential Great!
Offensive potential Good
Deck versatility Good

Anti Air Cards
Units that can assault air. It’s great to have at any rate two of them.

Defensive buildings
Defensive cards in your deck. Having one helps a great deal in defense.

Cards that can be played in the back to contribute mixture and power the adversary to make the primary drop cards


Win conditions
Cards that are great at taking adversary towers. Great to have in any event one.

Damage spells

Spells in your deck. Having at least one or two is recommended.


Cards that can be played as an immediate response for the opponent playing high-cost unit in the back.

Pump responses

Cards that can be played as a response to opponent playing an Elixir collector.

Dropped at the bridge

Cards that can be dropped at the bridge, either as a chip damage or as a rush attack.

Giant Skeleton

Tornado King activation – careful!

Cards that can be pulled to the King tower with Tornado to activate him.

Okay lets check a video how to play Clash Royale Giant skeleton 4.1 elixir Deck.

4.1 Elixir Clash Royale Giant Skeleton special deck