99% Clash Royale deck for Pushing Trophy

Hello and welcome to our site. Today we are going to show you a clash royale deck that will guarantee you quick progress on trophies.

This Clash Royale deck is based on cards that work together.

The defense potential of this deck is the best. Cooperates in both attack and defense. It’s very difficult to counterattack him.

Let’s see what cards we play in this deck :

  1. Electro Wizard
  2. Zap
  3. Tornado
  4. Goblin Barrel
  5. Skeleton Army
  6. Inferno Dragon
  7. Mega Knight
  8. Sparky

The best combinations to attack are :

  1. Mega knight forward and behind them sparky
  2. Tornado + sparky for kill everything
  3. You defeat a heavy card from an inferno dragon
  4. Goblin Barrel is a great attack after an opponent uses a lot of elixir
  5. Skeleton army and inferno dragon deal with heavy attacks
99% Clash Royale deck for Pushing Trophy

Electro wizard tornado and zap will take care of most air attacks. The combination of the Tornado electro wizard also stops the ballon or minion horde.

Let’s take a look at the video where Shane shows this deck to play and demonstrates the power of this Clash Royale deck.

Clash Royale Decks for you how to win rate 99% and push trophy

Have a lot of fun Clash Royale Gods