Battle Healer Clash Royale Best Deck new.

Hi all Clash Royale Players here finally we are Season 6 where we have a new Battle Healer card. Today we will show the Battle Healer Deck which will now be played more often than we want. This card is unreal and can completely change the game. So what deck do we show today? The only spell in this deck is Zap. Nothing more. We will play a challenging deck on elixir until 4.8 elixir will be required.

Battle Healer Clash Royale Deck

Let’s see what cards we play:

  • Battle Healer
  • Goblin Gang
  • Minion Horde
  • Battle Ram
  • On
  • Giant
  • Elixir Collector
  • Three Musketeers

Defensive potential Mediocre
Offensive potential Good
Deck versatility Bad
Deck synergy Mediocre
Warning No medium or high-damage spell.

How do we start the game?
We always start with Giant and you can either give Battle Healer or date goblin Gang. When you have a choice of 3 musketeers, we give them a battle healer. Elixir Colector is serving up to the second wave of attack.

The best defense in this deck is attack. So we use either Goblin Gang and 3 Musketeers.

The best combination of cards

  • Battle healer and battle ram
    Battle Healer and Giant and Minion Horde
    2 Musketeers and Giant and Battle Healer.

Let’s watch a video of how this deck is played.

Update Season 6 :

Best Clash ROyale Golem Deck !

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Have a good time 🙂