Best Clash Royale Decks original CRgods

Original Best Clash Royale Decks today. The first Deck to show is an original Deck played by most of the founder of Clash Royale Gods. This deck is very good and effective, has no fault and can destroy the enemy up to 3 crowns. How can we do this? This deck is built on Mirror which can give up to level 14 card. It is something that has been used by the game. But given that date, for example, P.E.K.K.A level 14 your enemy will reconsider what next level 14 card you can pull on him.

What cards will we play in Clash Royale Gods Deck?

Clash Royale Gods Best Deck
Best Clash Royale Gods Decks Version 1
  • Zap
  • Goblin Gang
  • Wizard
  • FireBall
  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Mirror
  • Rage
  • Balloon

How do we start the game? We always try to wait the Goblin Gang most bait cards and the Wizard destroys them. The problem is sometimes when they give strong push cards but then we have a Pekka card. The best combination is Pekka and Wizard and then Rage A Zap.

Pekka when you have the choice to either support Zap or Fireball or you always wizard. Remember that we have a Mirror that we always use when it is 2x elixir. The best part is that if the date Pekka lvl 13 right and Pekka Lvl 14 left super will watch and not know what to defend. Need to do quick push towers? No problem 2x balloon and rage passes through the worst combo.

The best combination of cards.

Balloon + Mirror + On

Pekka + Mirror + Wizard + Rage.

What about defense? Pekka is always here. Need a bait card? Goblin Gang and Fireball will destroy everything. Opponents left to 400hp tower and is it death time? No problem Fireball + Mirror did nothing. This deck was designed to take full advantage of the clash royale mechanics.


Defensive potential
Offensive potential Good
Deck versatility Mediocre
Deck Synergy Mediocre

So try this Clash Royale Decks from Gods and you’ll see your enemy watch what you’re doing.



The Immortal Gods Deck which is next to show is based on the new Battle Healer card and Mirror. The combination that was expected to have two healers to go forward and destroy the towers.

What cards will we play in this Immortal Decks that we have prepared for you today.

  • Battle Healer
  • Freeze
  • Lumberjack
  • Minion
  • Mirror
  • Night Witch
  • skeletons
  • zap

The combination is such that it always goes battle healer and lumberjack forward great attack and then when the date night witch is nothing to solve.

The best hands you can play.

Battle Healer and Mirror then give Lumberjack when you are at the freeze tower and on and you can attack further. How best to defend? Definitely bait skeletons and minion. Night Witch will take care of other units in the form of bats. Don’t be afraid of a heavy card destroying a battle healer along with Mirror and mate skeletons night witch and minion. It’s an amazing card they’ve given now, but we expect it to be weaker. Yet now the battle healer is op.

So check out the Clash Royale Video where they show you how to play this Immortal Battle Healer Deck.

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