Easy Deck Clash Royale No Skill Need

Hi all Clash Royale Gods players and welcome to in a new clash royale article. Today we have a super 4.8 clone balloon golem deck. This clash royale deck is very powerful. Now you no longer need an executioner. The very good cards we will be using in this deck are a golem and a balloon and have a screen that can do an incredible destructive power in the clash royale game. This deck when you see you will pray that you never meet him in the game. It’s an incredible force. The only thing that can endanger you is eg. arrows, zap, fireball or baby dragon? See the clash royale video of various games to show you how you can play this deck. Do not forget that in the deck you have skeleton army or lumberjack …. Giving attention to the clash royale deck that uses, for example, Tower to defend. So how do we get started?

Easy Deck Clash Royale No Skill Need

The best combination is Balloon and Golem and when they are near the tower you put a screen and support it skeleton army. It is good to use Night Witch and Clone on Bats to conjure up Night Witch. The Executioner will always support you for every action you take.

So what cards will we play?

  • Skeleton Army
  • LumberJack
  • Rocket
  • Night Witch
  • Executioner
  • Golem
  • Balloon
  • Clone

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We wish you many successful games.

Clash Royale Gods Team.