Fast 2.3 Elixir New Royal Giant Deck

The new fast deck is here. This Royal Giant fast deck is amazing. Can quickly spawn a royal giant that pushes a tower. Why are we playing the 2.3 elixir deck? A fast deck can handle a tough opponent who has a powerful clash royale deck. That is why we focus mainly on destroying the tower quickly. And we can only do this if our Royal Giant is still attacking the tower. Strong clash royale decks can torment this deck. What cards will we use in this Fast 2.3 Elixir New Royal Giant Deck? We have Royal Giant, Rage, skeletons, ice spirit, snowball, bats, goblins and spear goblins.

Fast 2.3 Elixir New Royal Giant Deck

The best combinations are

Fast 2.3 Elixir New Royal Giant Deck

Best combo

  • Royal Giant + Rage + Bats
  • Bats + Goblins + spear goblins
  • Ice Spirit + Bats + Skeletons + Rage
  • Bats + skeletons + snowball

Watch how good this deck is. Also, when and what to play, what card and what you can expect from an opponent. The best thing you can do in this deck is to focus on spawning a royal giant. Helping Royal Giant Bats, Ice Spirit or Goblins. Defense is hard but you have to do bait.

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