New Double Prince Clash Royale Deck

Hi all Clash Royale’s new season is here, and we’re going to show you a little unusual deck that won’t use Battle Healer. So we have the Double Prince Deck. This deck destroys Xbow Deck very well. So it’s the AntiDeck that we’re going to play.

What cards will we use in this deck?

  • Dark Prince
  • Prince
  • Mega Minion
  • Giant
  • Miner
  • Electro Wizard
  • Fireball
  • Zap
Best Double Prince Deck
Double Prince Clash Royale Deck


Defensive potential Great!
Offensive potential Godly!
Deck versatility Good
Deck synergy Good

Following recommendations are only guidelines on how to improve your deck. It may work fine as it is.

Your deck is okay!

Double Prince Clash Royale Deck

Beginning the duel we will always try to play either a gianta or Prince. Why these two cards? Certainly Giant because it is a basic push card that only goes after the Tower. The Prince is fast and destructive even when you use the Prince and Dark Prince combination. It’s incredible how they can destroy all cards that oppose you.

Okay How support do Giant? Definitely Electro Wizard or Mega Minion. These cards beautifully support Giant. You still have a backup of Zap or Fireball when you need to clear the Giant path.

How to defend?
Defense will always be done by Prince And Dark Prince. These two cards both run and defend great. For that we have Fireball and Electro Wizard. Try to bait strong cards from the Dark Prince to the center so you can lure him to the King Tower. Zap take care of small cards. A fireball about big cards.

Best Combinations Double Prince Deck.

Giant and Dark Prince on the fast push towers.
Prince and Miner. Miner Bait Tower and Prince Dava attack.
Electro Wizard and Giant and Dark Prince combination that is hard to stop when you still have a fireball in reserve.

Let’s watch the video wish you a great playing.

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