Overpowered Clash Royale Deck New Pekka

Hi all Clash Royale players, today you have a new clash royale deck. This clash royale deck focuses on 3 elixir cards. We will use bandit, royal ghost, wall breakers, bats, zap, miner, baker, executioner.

Overpowered Clash Royale Deck New Pekka

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Beginning attacks always start with this clash royale deck card Bandit or royal ghost. Against heavy cards we use Pekka and executioner. We don’t have a tornado, so we have to be careful not to miss anything. The best combination to attack is bandit and bats, and then miner to the tower where we run from bandits and bats. Defense against bait cards is on or executioner.

Pekka Meta Slow Attack

We can destroy heavy cards like golem or giant using Pekka and Executioner. The basis of this clash royale deck is a combination of Miner and bandit and bats. An inexpensive combination of clash royale cards that can make a beautiful turn on the tower. After 2x elixir goes Pekka and executioner as a crushing attack. The point is to watch out for an attack from the air like Balloon and Lava Hound.

Overpowered Clash Royale Deck New Pekka

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New Pekka Miner Wall Breakers deck in Clash Royale for Trophy Pushing in Legendary Arena 13. Today we investigate a Pekka Miner Wall Breakers Deck for Ladder trophy pushing in Arena 13 in Clash Royale that is commanding the meta as of late inside the game. A standout amongst other Pekka Deck in Clash Royale (as I would see it) in the current meta.

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