Royal Giant Miner Clash Royale Deck v.2

Welcome to our Clash Royale Gods Deck. This Royal Giant deck will focus on fast push towers. This deck plays one of the best clash royale players in the world. So read carefully how and what to play with this Royal Giant deck.

What cards we will use

  • Royal Giant
  • Miner
  • Knight
  • Executioner
  • Goblins
  • The Log
  • Fireball
  • Tornado
Miner Clash Royale Royal Giant Deck
Royal Giant Miner Clash Royale Deck v.2

The winning cards that will guarantee us a win in the game are Miner and Royal Giant. These two cards will be based on the push tower. We always start with a Miner that will bait the tower on itself. Place the Royal Giant card on the Bridge. At this point we have push towers. What cards will help us with this push?

Royal Giant Miner Clash Royale Deck v.2

Tornado and Fireball are a combination of cards that can destroy many opposing cards. We can also use Tornado and Executioner. These combinations are great for both attack and defense. But we must not forget that elixir is sometimes needed for other cards and therefore we use The Log or Knight to bait the heavy cards.
What else can we use? Goblins are great for quick kills, but also for bait hard cards.
When he has a defense tower do not forget the fireball.

Small cards that I will try to destroy our Royal Gianta will kill The Log or Fireball.

When we need support for Royal Giant try to give him an Executor for him and you will see how beautiful you can deal with each card.

What rating is this Clash Royale RGiant Miner deck?

Offensive potential Good
Deck versatility Great!
Deck Synergy Good

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