We have a new deck Sparky Bomb Tower deck which is one of the best defensive deck. Why is it the best? It uses great cards that can protect each deck. And how do we run? Elixir Golem and Sparky is a combination that destroys the tower very easily. We also have two unique cards that complement this great deck and it’s Baby Dragon and Night Witch.
Baby Dragon is great at aoe dmg so it doesn’t destroy bait cards. Baby Dragon has less life since the last patch so Night Witch completes its effectiveness. What other cards we can use is Bomb Tower. This tower is great against all cards. First, you do not bait cards so you have no problem against multiple units that your opponent uses against you.
We also have spells in the package Lighting and Tornado. We will always use Tornado from the Lighting combination. Or we also have the opportunity to use the tornado together from Baby Dragon. Lighting is great for the last destruction of a tower that has had life. The amazing thing about this deck is that even if your opponent uses any card you can destroy it.

So the composition of the Sparky Bomb Tower Deck is:

Best Sparky Ice Wizard Bomb Tower Deck
  • Elixir Golem has 13 lvl to 2048hp which is great for only 3 elixir card.
  • Lightning to destroy towers or units that attack you.
  • Ice Wizard best defense card that slows movement and attack
  • We use Tornado whenever they destroy the Bomb Tower
  • Night Witch uses a great card as an attack on the ground and air.
  • Sparky our main Dmg card that has a big dmg against everything
  • Baby Dragon attack on bait cards and a great addition to Elixir Golema
  • Bomb Tower to defend as we mentioned the great of Tornado
Best Sparky Ice Wizard Bomb Tower Deck

Best Combinations That Will Attack

Elixir Golem and Baby Dragon a fast attack that relies on the bifurcation of elixir golem.

Sparky and Elixir Golem when you need to quickly destroy something in your way you use a tornado and Sparky will take care of it.

The best combinations that defend

Bomb Tower and Tornado, which pulls into one unit and bomb tower destroy them.

Lightning destroys everything and everywhere.

Baby Dragon and Tornado together from Bomb Tower ensures that nothing can pass through you.

Enjoy this Sparky Bomb Tower Deck and win as many games as possible before the Patch comes.

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