The Best Easy Clash Royale Deck Elixir Golem Combo 2019

Hello Guys, today I show you new easy Clash Royale deck.

Let’s check video and learn how to play this deck.

Easy Clash Royale Best Deck 2019 new
3.8 elixir Mega Knight + Elixir Golem

Defensive potential Good
Offensive potential Good
Deck versatility Good
Deck synergy Bad

Following proposals are just rules on the most proficient method to improve your deck. It might work fine all things considered.

PROBLEM Too many tanks!
PROBLEM No anti-air high-damage unit!
PROBLEM No anti-ground high-damage unit!

Units that can attack air. It’s good to have at least two of them.

Anti-Air Cards

Buildings or units that can be played in the back to invest elixir and force the opponent to make the first move.