The ONLY Pekka Deck That DOMINATES Executioners!

Hey what’s up guys Clash Royale Gods and today we’re back here again with the best clash royale deck in the game right now executioner tornado is dominating the meta and it’s exceptionally difficult to break through with the traditional Pekka.
Bridge spam if your opponent is gearing up for a juicy tornado with their
executioner and you get a minor or a bar barrel quickly on top of their
executioner and they mess up their tornado they can lose the game to the
Pekka spam also if it becomes a longer more drawn-out game because you have minor poison as a wing condition in a very fast cycle you’re going to win in most situations simply because you’re able to do more direct damage with a minor.
In poison so let’s go jump straight some games in assert some dominance with this new meta Pekka minor poison deck.

I but first Galway’s here and the more definitely go for a minor in a safe spot as soon as we see that I scissor becausewe cannot afford that can’t out
Activation right now man alright, so I guess I want to go for an electro wizard on top.

The ONLY Pekka Deck That DOMINATES Executioners! — Clash Royale

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Of his ice wizard and then go for a
barbarian barrel on top of the Goblin so
then we get some more counter push with
it, so I’m going to go in for a fan assist
the barbarians going to be tanking it
doesn’t reach the tower on itself but
now it’s going to give us a lot more value
with the panic.

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The ONLY Pekka Deck That DOMINATES Executioners!

All right so he’s got Bond Tower goblins
and here this is looking like the
wall breakers might have poisoned deck
or he’s got rocket one or the other in
any event we really want to go for a
peck on the back just a slow roll here
see what he’s going to do if he goes wall
records on the side we can easily go for
skeletons immaculate timing for me let’s
go and he’s so sad dropping the Valkyrie
means he has absolutely no elixir to
punish in the right-hand side and that
also is just going to get cyclic right into
a Pekka.

That admittedly just hard counters right
so one of the best cards for us to drop
on him I want to go for a poison here
because we’re just going to eviscerate that
ice wizard and the goblins so that’s out
e5 elixir for four and we get our damage
so it’s rocket as we assumed and it’s
going to go for a bomb tower man rocket
bomb tower holy crap that’s actually 10
elixir to counter a pack up feels great
man that’s really nice stuff and I don’t
care if you tornado because that’s another
three so we’re in a fantastic spot bid
out the rocket on defense that means he
doesn’t have it for often so we can
safely cycle up in it in the back and
have little to no repercussions also I
can go for a barbarian barrel on offense
and for a faster cycle I love that this
deck has quick finishing potential
because I had minor poison and then I
also, have a barbarian barrel and
skeletons for a very fast cycle so I’m
consistently able to get back to it so
another thing that most mine are poison
control decks just kind of struggle with
is there’s really no comeback potential
or any real way of getting immediate
damage and this is one of my favorite
types of minor poisoned exes having
bandages because when I hit a huge win
streak with the 21 challenge that I
think the second time I went like 20 and
one and I just destroyed most clash royale decks
I was able to just get easy wins with this Pekka Deck.