The Top Mortar Ladder Deck You’ll EVER NEED! — Clash Royale Decks

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We have a new clash royale deck I want to show you. Today we look at this fast 3.1 elixir deck. We will use mainly mortar and miner as push. We can use goblin gang against hard cards. We will use fireballs and bats against air attack. We always use Rascals on the first drop behind the main tower. Cards to play: Bats, Rascals, Mortar, Fireball, Goblin Gang, Miner, Spear Goblins, The Log.

Top Mortar Miner Clash Royale Deck

The Best combinations:
Drop Mortar to the center of his playing field. We are waiting for a full elixir. Rascals behind King Tower and miner push tower to the side where rascals go.
Fireball used as a support spell. When Rascals reaches the enemy tower, the mortar needs to be released to attack the tower that Rascals will attack and the miner will support.
Bats and spear goblin take care of all air attacks.

Top Mortar Miner Clash Royale Deck

The log will be used against baits cards that will try to stop rascals or attack mortar.

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