Top 5 F2P Decks to Get 7,000+ Trophies in Clash Royale!

5 F2P Decks That got 7,000 trophies | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Today we’ll cover 5 decks that surpassed 7,000 (or even 8,000 trophies in Clash Royale!). These decks, including 2.6 Hog cycle, 2.9 xbow cycle, and Miner Mortar will are great decks including one Legendary that players can invest in to trophy push high on ladder! As always, ALL deck links are listed below in the description!

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2.9 Xbow cycle –;26000010;27000006;28000000;26000030;26000038;27000008;28000011&id=VPU8G

2.6 Hog cycle –;28000011;26000038;26000030;27000000;26000014;26000021;28000000&id=VPU8G

Tauron Giant Skeleton Deck –;28000012;28000008;26000006;26000025;26000015;27000006;26000032&id=VPU8G

Fenofinalform Deck –;26000022;28000001;28000008;26000008;26000033;26000021;26000039&id=VPU8G

Egor Mortar Miner –;27000002;26000041;28000003;26000049;28000008;26000019;26000032&id=VPU8G

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