X-Bow Cycle 2.9 Meta Clash Royale deck.

Hi all Clash Royale players. We will show you X-Bow cycle 2.9 clash royale deck which cycles cards like ice golem, ice spirit, archers, the log, skeletons. These cheap cards that we will use in this clash royale deck are the basis of the strategy we will play.

X-Bow Cycle 2.9 Meta Clash Royale deck.

The basic defense will be the Tesla Tower, which we will always put in the middle before the King Tower. Then the cycle begins behind the King Tower. We can start Skeletons and archers and where more skeletons come we put ice golema.
We have a fireball in reserve that will destroy heavy air cards or fast push on us.

Deck Rating

X-Bow Cycle 2.9 Rating

We’ll use another great The Log card at the Tesla Tower to protect or bait on a heavy card used by our opponent in his Clash Royale Deck.

X-Bow 2.9 Cycle Deck Meta Clash Royale Video

X-Bow Cycle 2.9 Meta Clash Royale deck.

How do we push?

The X-Bow will always attack to protect it from the Tesla Tower.

Fireball will destroy everything before the X-bow. Arriving at the tower will also be a fireball. We have to realize that this X-Bow deck is based on push one tower. Our win is about destroying one tower.

So what cards do we have?

  • Skeletons
  • Fireball
  • Archers
  • Ice spirit
  • Ice golem
  • The Log
  • Tesla Tower
  • X-bow

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